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[Image: Desktop Metal]


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  • The Vuforia Spatial Toolbox [Source: SolidSmack]

    The Vuforia Spatial Toolbox [Source: SolidSmack]


    Winner, Winner

    Sound of cards shuffling, dice hitting the felt, or acknowledgement of a jackpot winner are all signs that you’re probably in a casino. But what if you found out that you can hear those sounds from the very own comfort of your home? Would you be excited? Well some people are, currently, with the reemergence of online gambling after being banned eight years ago.

    Where is this legal?

    As of now, New Jersey is the only state where online gambling is fully legal to partake in. Nevada and Delaware also offer some online gambling, as well. Now, those who either live in New Jersey or just visiting can enjoy the comfort of gambling from wherever they choose, as long as it’s in New Jersey. Some online gambling sites still prohibit you from using them if you’re in a state that doesn’t allow it.

    Will my state allow online gambling again?

    Currently, eight other states, including California, have bills being drafted in order to reinstate online gambling. So cross your fingers in hopes that yours is a part of that short list, or a possible addition later on.

    Why should anyone care about the reemergence of online gambling mean?

    The predicted tax revenue of online gambling in New Jersey is expected to be $45 million. That’s an enormous amount of revenue being generated by a business that seems so minimal as online gambling. If more states were to push for online gambling to be legal again, that could generate billions of tax dollars each year that can definitely help the U.S. Now, is more states expected to do that just yet? Probably not, state lawmakers may wait to see how things play out for New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware before jumping the gun.

    How can I participate?

    First, you have to be 21 years of age to partake in online gambling. You don’t necessarily have to live in either of those states to play but you do have to be there when placing your bets. If you try to place outside of those state lines, you won’t be able to play. The gaming sites have a locator that pinpoints your exact location, which will prohibit you from playing or betting in any way. You’re allowed to place bets with your debit card, credit card, or even in person. Just make sound decisions and don’t become too addicted too soon.


    What Is Managed IT Services?

    [Image: Desktop Metal]

    [Image: Desktop Metal]

    Most, if not all, companies at this day in age depend on technology quite a bit. Managed IT Services is when a business hires an organization that specializes in IT to oversee the technical system in the business and take care of any problems that may arise within it. The specific benefits that having managed IT services can afford you will be discussed here.

    Technical Support

    Having managed IT services will ensure that you have IT support on hand when you need it. Should the computer system malfunction or shut down unexpectedly, or should valuable data go missing, an IT professional will be there to assist. These IT specialists have been trained in computer systems, and can quickly and efficiently pinpoint the problem and expel it. They will know the cautionary measures to take, such as file backup, so that problems such as data loss do not arise in the future. It is most advantageous in the long run to have someone there with the knowledge to fix technical issues in order to save time and energy.

    Increased Business

    Employing managed IT services can also serve to grow your client base, and allow your business to flourish. If something were to go wrong and shut down or slow the computer system, IT support could swoop in and take care of the problem as quickly as possible, so that clients do not have to wait and worry. People hate waiting, and will not be interested in doing business with a company that constantly has system malfunctions, due to the wait as well as to the fear of information loss. managed it services could increase your clients’ faith in the business.

    Time and Energy

    Managed IT services also function to save the business operators time and energy in trying to figure out something that maybe outside their scope of knowledge. Some of us are still in the dark ages where technology is concerned, and having IT support can save time and energy that should be reserved for the business.

    Overall, managed IT services can function as the pulse of the business. It saves time and brainpower for the owner, it solves technical problems as effectively as possible, and all in all keeps the business alive. It is worth considering if you run a business that may have high-risk technical difficulties in the future.

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    TV After Airing

    Best IT support

    In the late 1980’s the people of the time were presented with a great new piece of technology: the VCR. This invention allowed TV lovers the option of never missing a favorite show, or having to wait for a rerun. We could record a show on a VHS tape and play it again later, allowing for many viewings. A few years went by and there were many advancements in technology, and as technology grew, as did the demand for new ways of recording and viewing television programs.

    The Digital Recorder

    New recording devices soon filled the store shelves: these were the DVRs and TIVOs that were manufactured for easier recording. These devices allowed TV viewers to record many shows at once and had large storage capabilities. People were ecstatic that they could finally have more efficient methods of recording favorite shows and programs. Many of these devices even offer the opportunity to pause and rewind television as it airs, a feature that was well received by thousands.

    Hulu and Such

    A few years after DVRs and TIVOs became sensations, broadcasting companies figured out that there was a large demand to be able to view shows online. As such, Hulu was created as a way to provide an online location for various television shows. Soon Hulu expanded and was able to provide a greater selection, including shows that aired the previous day. Television stations soon realized the benefit of providing recent episodes online and so created their own viewing areas on their websites. These websites always appear with advertisements, in order to pay for them to be online, and also usually expire within a month or so.

    Video Downloading

    Another method of viewing shows right after they aired on television is the use of ITunes and similar video download providers. This original music downloading service, now allows the purchase of movies and TV shows. TV shows from ITunes are either purchased individually or in season packages. The cost is usually a little high, but the downloading option allows the buyer to watch the episodes with no internet connection. Other downloading services, like Amazon Video, also offer next day availability of new episodes—Amazon is typically cheaper than ITunes, though episodes are charged individually even with a season pass while ITunes charges for a season all at once. Google and Microsoft have also started to provide videos for downloading.

    Technical Support For Your Computer

    TOP IT support companies

    When you get a new computer whether through your job or for personal use, you often need IT support to get started on it. Some companies provide in house technical support using Microsoft dynamics nav Calgary, where the company has IT guys who will fix any problems their employees are having. For a personal computer, you usually have to pay for tech support which goes through four tiers.

    The first tier of tech support is the most basic. The technician will ask you questions about what you were doing when the error occurred. Often. through computer software, they will be able to “take over” your computer and poke around themselves. This is done only with the owner’s permission. They can usually find the problem and solve it for you.

    If the first tier of tech support doesn’t work, you move on to second tier tech support. These are people with more skills than first tier technicians and can help with bigger issues. Technicians at level two use the information gathered by the first tier tech support person and builds on that. They are responsible for more problematic situations and can also “take over” your computer to try to fix the problem. The second tier people are more knowledgeable about certain issues and often are the ones who finally solve a problem.

    If the second tier of tech support can’t help you, you move on to third tier tech support. This is the highest level in the three-tiered system. The third tier technician will go over what the first and second tier technicians have done before making any changes or suggestions. Often tier three technicians find errors made by first and second level technicians and can solve them easily. If they can’t find the problem, they may need to get your contact information to get back to you when they research the problem and find a solution.

    Using managed it services is the best way to get your computer to stop giving you the Blue Screen of Death or any other problems that may have come up. Technicians on all three levels will work hard at solving your problem.

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    Signs that You Need IT Support for Your Business

    IT support companies

    If your company is expanding and is being held back by technical problems, then you need IT services. IT services will solve all of your computer issues instantly because you will not have to deal with the problem yourself. Face it, today, most companies are as successful as their technology allows.

    If you are being plagued by technology problems, then you need IT help. In order for your company to do well and in order for it to be efficient, then it is essential that your computers are functioning properly. There is no room for error and if your company is not progressing because of slow or damaged technology, then consider IT help immediately.

    Below are three signs that your company needs IT services now.

    Your Computer Has a Virus

    How can your business function with a virus? With this conundrum, you may not be able to order equipment, pay payroll, or even pay other professionals, then you need IT support now. Your company is only as successful as your technology allows. Having IT support will get your business running again without you having to figure out what is wrong with your computer.

    Your Printer Is Down

    So maybe you waited until the last minute to print an important document, but what if your printer is suddenly not working properly? IT services can fix this problem in a flash, which will allow you to meet your deadline. Do not let technology problems stand in the way of your deadlines. Have your problems fixed immediately.

    New Software Updates

    If your computer is too outdated to handle new software updates, then you need IT services now. How can you grow as a small business owner with a computer that cannot handle software updates? In order for you and your business to stay on top, you need to have the necessary and newest software to do so. IT services can improve your system and help you purchase the equipment you need.

    In conclusion, your business is only as efficient as your technology allows. If you are suffering from technological setbacks, then you need managed it services to help you stay ahead of the game.