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Technical Support For Your Computer

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When you get a new computer whether through your job or for personal use, you often need IT support to get started on it. Some companies provide in house technical support using Microsoft dynamics nav Calgary, where the company has IT guys who will fix any problems their employees are having. For a personal computer, you usually have to pay for tech support which goes through four tiers.

The first tier of tech support is the most basic. The technician will ask you questions about what you were doing when the error occurred. Often. through computer software, they will be able to “take over” your computer and poke around themselves. This is done only with the owner’s permission. They can usually find the problem and solve it for you.

If the first tier of tech support doesn’t work, you move on to second tier tech support. These are people with more skills than first tier technicians and can help with bigger issues. Technicians at level two use the information gathered by the first tier tech support person and builds on that. They are responsible for more problematic situations and can also “take over” your computer to try to fix the problem. The second tier people are more knowledgeable about certain issues and often are the ones who finally solve a problem.

If the second tier of tech support can’t help you, you move on to third tier tech support. This is the highest level in the three-tiered system. The third tier technician will go over what the first and second tier technicians have done before making any changes or suggestions. Often tier three technicians find errors made by first and second level technicians and can solve them easily. If they can’t find the problem, they may need to get your contact information to get back to you when they research the problem and find a solution.

Using managed it services is the best way to get your computer to stop giving you the Blue Screen of Death or any other problems that may have come up. Technicians on all three levels will work hard at solving your problem.

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